TruMedic Cadenza Massage Chair

Colour: Black


- Full L track Design
- Zero gravity
- Compact design
- Bluetooth speakers
- Side hip air bags
- Foldable foot rest( spin and changes to an ottoman)
- Designed for smaller areas or condos
- Shiatsu heated rollers

The 2D Compact Massage Chair is designed with the latest smart chair technology and loaded with extra features. The 35 inch “L” shaped back rail fits closely to the curvature of the back and can massage from the shoulders to the hamstring. The 2D massage mechanism has 4 heated mechanical rollers and is equipped with 3 massage techniques, 3 massage speed settings, 3 massage intensity settings, and 3 preprogrammed massage modes. The massage chair has 4 airbags for a lower leg compression massage and equipped with 2 Bluetooth speakers to allow you to connect to your wireless devices. A built-in controller with USB port allows you to charge your smartphone while getting a massage. Take your relaxation to the next level with the 2D Compact Massage Chair.

Accessories Included:

- Power Cord
- Warranty Card & Owner’s Manual
- Head Pillow

Product Features:

2D “Smart Chair” Technology with 4 Heated Mechanical Rollers – Capable of moving side to side and up and down from your back to your hamstrings
“L” Shape Back Rail - 35” long design to allowing for the maximum possible “touch points” for massage rollers from your neck to your hamstrings
- Recline to elevate your legs forcing circulation to your heart
- 4 Total Airbags – Compression airbags for your lower legs
- 3 Pre-Programed Massages
- 3 Massage Intensity Settings
- 3 Speed Settings
- Heat Therapy – The heated mechanical rollers provide a warm soothing massage
- Bluetooth Speakers – Allows you to listen to music while getting a massage
- USB Port – Remote is equipped with a USB port to charge mobile phones

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