Bauerfeind GenuTrain® NBA Knee Support Officially licensed knee brace of the NBA

Size: 1
Color: Black


GenuTrain NBA is a premium knee support trusted by NBA athletes and professional athletic trainers throughout the league. NBA GenuTrain’s innovative design delivers superior comfort, stability and pain relief to players overcoming injury.

Pain Relief:

Innovative Omega pad surrounds patella and delivers targeted massage to areas most prone to pain and swelling

Relieves pain and swelling associated with: knee sprain, strain, tendonitis, runners and jumpers knee


Medical-grade compression stimulates healing blood flow to reduce swelling and strengthen muscles and tendons that move the knee


Active knit® is lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking for maximum comfort

An Officially Licensed product by the NBA, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain NBA Knee Brace offers next level knee support for pain & endurance on & off the basketball court. Developed for the needs & requirements of professional athletes, the Bauerfeind team set out to design a knee support that is flexible and durable to provide stability on the court when running, jumping, dribbling and shooting. 


Superior Technology:

Knit Fabric: Unlike most knee braces or sleeves on the market, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain NBA Knee Brace is made of a specially knit fabric instead of neoprene. Where neoprene can only be made in a cylindrical form and requires straps to hold it in place & loses shape over time, the knit fabric solves all these issues. The knit material is created in the looms within our production facilities in Germany, features medical grade compression that improves the bloodflow in the leg for endurance and recovery, retains it's shape for a longer period of time, is washable and above all - it doesn't require straps to fit securely on your knee. The fabric contours to the shape of your thigh, knee and calves when sized correctly for a tight, yet supportive, fit. 

Patella Pad: The omega patella gel pad is patented by Bauerfeind to provide superior knee pain relief from pains such as jumpers knee, arthritis knee pain, post surgery recovery support and other knee issues. The patella pad keeps the knee cap in place while playing basketball and allows you to feel comfortable on the court with a stabilized knee. 

Trusted Reputation & History

Partnered with NBATA: The National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association has worked in partnership with Bauerfeind since 2003. NBA Teams have trusted the GenuTrain line of products and 27 teams within the NBA currently purchase a variety of Bauerfeind products to support their best athletes. Together these two organizations are dedicated to providing the best sports medical care solutions for professional basketball athletes.

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