PRO-Series Massager Bundle

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This Trumedic massager bundle includes the IMPACT THERAPY Device PRO and the truShiatsu MagicHands Neck and Back Massager.

The truMedic® truRelief™ IMPACT Therapy™ Device PRO massager features a powerful, ultra-quiet motor, that targets deep into muscle tissue to break up knots and get the kinks out. The device includes six increasing speed settings and five interchangeable heads, that help relieve muscle soreness and allow you to recover from even the most strenuous workout more quickly. This device offers the perfect combination of power, relief and convenience with its rechargeable battery and cordless functionality, so you can easily use it anywhere, anytime.

The truMedic MagicHands™ truShiatsu™ Neck and Back Massager with Heat is our most advanced, high-performance massage unit yet. This massager is designed with a patent-pending mechanism that is made to recreate the touch of a professional masseuse. It delivers a powerful massage that is so lifelike, you will believe it is coming from a set of human hands! It has four massage nodes that each act as their own “thumb” to deliver effective shiatsu massage therapy. It also comes with heat functionality to relieve deep soreness effectively. The truMedic MagicHands™ truShiatsu™ Neck and Back Massager with Heat is your own personal, deep-tissue massage therapist.


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