TruRelief™ IMPACT Therapy™ Device MAX



The truMedic® truRelief™ IMPACT Therapy™ Device Max is a powerful, heavy-duty massager designed for the serious athlete, bodybuilder and fitness guru. This top of the line, high-performing device features deep tissue percussion for muscle pain relief. This Impact Therapy™ device can hyper-target a specific problem area with six interchangeable heads and five increasing speed settings. After the most strenuous workout, truMedic® truRelief™ Impact Therapy™ Device Max will help relieve sore muscles faster. With a rechargeable battery and cordless functionality, this device is convenient and perfect to use anytime at the gym or at home.

Relieve Sore Muscles And Experience Faster Relief

Conquer muscle pain relief with these truMedic® truRelief™ Impact Therapy™ Device Max features:

Powerful Relief Anywhere, Anytime

The truMedic® truRelief™ Impact Therapy™ Device Max helps energize strained and tired muscles prior to and after workouts. Effective relief with a press a button that will:

  • Deliver quick taps of energy that help muscles and break up knotted tissue.
  • Stimulate blood flow to affected areas of the body.                                                                             

Robust, Brushless Motor

This powerful, high-performing device has a high-torque, brushless motor. The device has a vibration frequency of 1800-3200/per minute delivering deep tissue percussion for faster muscle relief!

Interchangeable Effective Impact Therapy™ Heads 

The 6 interchangeable Impact Therapy™ heads are designed to help relieve aches, muscle pain and knots from high impact, workout sessions. The truMedic® truRelief™ Impact Therapy™ Device Max will:

  • Target affected areas of your body like joints, deep tissue or trigger specific points.
  • Offer a different relaxation technique for each attachment.

Customize Your Speed And Intensity Settings 

Select from 5 different frequency settings to change the force and speed of your Impact Therapy™ session. The precision of the motor design prevents stress on your hands or wrists from use.

  • Customize the motor speed from low to high to control the intensity of the session.

Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

The truMedic® truRelief™ Impact Therapy™ Device Max includes a convenient rechargeable Li-on battery and cordless functionality, so it’s perfect to use at home or on the go.

  • The device lasts 4-5 hours on a single charge.

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