Neck Braces & Their Different Types

Whether you are experiencing injury or trauma to your neck or need cervical spine surgery, you may indeed have to wear a neck brace. The prime reason for wearing a neck brace is to hold your head stationary and forward as your body needs it to recover. These braces are among the most prevalent of all spinal braces. There are various varieties of neck braces present out there, from the most rigid to the wrap-around, depending upon the damage or surgery. The most common neck braces are drawn below.

What are cervical collars used for? 

Neck braces are commonly designed for short-term use when recovering from pain, surgery, or injury. Some states that may lack the use of neck braces cover the following:

  • Whiplash and trauma. A neck injury that happens when the head abruptly goes back and forth like rear-end vehicle crashes or like a fall, a neck brace can shield your neck to prevent it from further injury.
  • Neck surgery. After surgery, a neck brace limits any moment to help to prevent injury.
  • Nerve compression. A neck brace or cervical collar is sometimes used to lessen the stress of the neck's nerves.
  • Cervical spondylosis. A cervical collar can produce brief relief from discomfort produced by cervical spondylosis caused by abrasion of bones and cartilage in the neck.
  • General neck pain or stiffness. A neck brace may improve the strain off your neck tissues.

When to wear your brace

It's essential to follow the specific instruction of your doctor, how and when to wear your neck brace, and mainly at the time of showering, sleeping, and engaging in particular activities. Also, understand how to wear your brace while your brace's fitting. After surgery, you will wear a neck brace till your spine has recovered or fused, which can range from 4 weeks to 6 months.

Before surgery, you are equipped for your brace; practice using the brace on and off to enhance your familiarity along with it. Do not stop wearing the brace unless your doctor has directed you to do so.

How long do you need to wear a cervical collar? 

For a long time, you will require to wear a neck brace based on your particular situation.

For mild neck pain that is not caused by an unexpected injury, it is advised that you do not require wearing a neck brace for more than a week. Prolonged usage of the collar can make your neck muscles stiff and weak.

If you are wearing a neck brace for severe neck pain or an unexpected injury, consult your doctor regarding how long you require wearing it.

The Best Type Of Neck Braces

ChiroTrac DT Cervical Traction Collar

The ChiroTrac DT Cervical Traction Collar gives calming, soothing, flexible neck adhesion. It may also help lessen severe or persistent pain in the neck, upper back, and arms. ChiroTrac DT holds analgesia and gives added pain relief at the time of traction sessions. The difference between a normal static-sized collar and this inflatable collar is that you can easily adjust the adhesion in your neck to suit your comfort level. The inflator is detachable without damage, letting the user move during use without unwieldy hoses. Flexible hook-and-loop closing tabs making it an ideal fit for any neck size. This ChiroTrac DT Cervical Traction Collar may be a relief you are waiting for if you are suffering from neck pain.


  • Adjustable inflation helps personalized comfort
  • Gives soothing and comforting neck traction
  • Fits almost every neck size
  • Holds your mobile with a detachable inflater
  • Cover is Soft

Corflex Ultra Cervical Collar

The Corflex Ultra Cervical Collar provides you firm and comfortable support, which benefits in relieving neck pain while providing additional support. It holds a convenient loop and hooks closing that let the unit be fixed for a proper fit. The Corflex Ultra is formed of a porous, soft cotton cover for support, which is above polyfoam to give the best support.


  • Its comfortable hook and loop closing is adjustable for proper fit
  • Anatomically molded foam with a soft, porous cotton cover over polyfoam covering for patient's maximum comfort
  • Used for degenerated disc disease, cervical facet syndrome, discogenic pain, and muscle strains or sprains of the cervical area

ProCare Universal Clavicle - Posture Brace

Injuries to the clavicle can be very painful days also even weeks after the accident happens. ProCare Universal Clavicle Brace is designed to stabilize and support your clavicle. It provides the region with the essential time to recover and heal the injury.


  • Designed with contact closure for simple adjustment.
  • Globe size provides a wide range of patients.
  • Made from nylon and foam for enhanced comfort.
  • Movable D-rings enable proper adjustment.
  • Perfect for treatment following a fracture or break of the clavicle.

ProCare Clavicle Splint

The ProCare clavicle splint is created to sustain the collarbone and heal injuries, like clavicle breaks and fractures. The ProCare Clavicle Brace covers almost the upper back in a figure-eight configuration along with a flexible spine buckle to give a secure and accurate fit. The foam-padded thongs are made from stockinette-covered felt that makes them smooth against the skin and prevents slippage. ProCare Clavicle Support is perfect for healing broken bones, mainly for individuals who play prohibitive sports. By immobilizing the collarbone, a mild break or fracture can recover quickly.


  • Adjustable Straps Provide a Secure and Correct Fit
  • Promotes Fast Healing
  • Ideal for Breaks that do Not Require Realignment
  • Immobilizes the Collarbone
  • Helps Straighten the Spine
  • Promotes Good Posture and Reduces Back Pain
  • Keeps the Clavicle Stable
  • Ideal for Simple Breaks and Fractures

Final Thoughts

Neck braces are actually helpful in many situations. As with all spinal braces, applying a neck brace under the supervision of a specialist doctor can significantly increase the effectiveness of a neck brace. You will also need to serve with a professional who designs, and custom fits spinal braces. If you have neck pain, then you need to consult your doctor and use the most efficient neck brace according to the doctor's advice.

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