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It was the 1990s when ankle braces emerged as the best choice for sports injuries. Presently, the foot ankle braces are recommended to be used whenever required to give additional support on ankle sprain.

Ankles are definitely the most overused parts of our body and hence prone to get wear and tear. Generally, ankle ligaments, bones, muscle, and tendon ligaments of your ankle are responsible for keeping your ankles safe. They act as links between feet all the way to hips and give proper motions. Ankle braces act as external supports for limiting unwanted motions like plantar inversion or flexion. Foot ankle braces work well when they fit comfortably.

What are the different types of ankle joint motions?

There are generally two kinds of motions that you should know.

  • Dorsiflexion

This motion includes the foot back that is coming towards the anterior part of the leg.

  • Plantar flexion

The plantar flexion involves the process of balancing the legs on toes whenever you raise the heel. In simple terms, these motions are needed for running, walking, and doing daily activities.

Why is your ankle likely to get injured?

Our ankles have the capability to hold the entire weight of our bodies. Therefore, there are many reasons behind ankle injuries.

  • You can suffer from a natural injury because your body ages and your ankles start wearing out. The body parts start getting weak and become more prone to get injured.
  • Overweight people also face the problem of ankle injuries as more weight leads to more pressure on your ankles.
  • The twisting or rolling of ankles is another reason behind the sprain of the ankle.
  • Ankle injuries can also happen when you are playing any sport because you have to do high-intensity tasks.

What are the symptoms of having ankle injuries?

If you don’t know whether it is an ankle injury or something else, then here is a list of some symptoms that help you out.

  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Acute pain
  • Bruises
  • The ankle is not able to bear your body weight
  • Stiffness in the ankles
  • Skin discoloration

These symptoms are enough to indicate that you are having an ankle injury.

When is the right time to contact the professionals?

It is simple to understand that you have an injured ankle. In such a condition or if the pain remains for a longer time, you should contact a doctor. It is so because you don’t know it might get worse. A certified doctor will check your ankle deeply and try to move in different ways so that he can check the range of motion. He will also recommend taking an X-ray or MRI to know about the condition of your injury. Accordingly, he will prescribe the medications.

Types of foot ankle braces available

There are a number of foot ankle braces that you can easily find in the market or online. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Straps – As the name suggests, these can be wrapped around your ankle in an eight number shape. You can find straps of different thicknesses and flexibility. Most of the athletes and youngsters choose them.
  • Sleeves – These are the simplest products that can easily slip on and are quite comfortable. You can use them for fine-line treatment if you have a twisted ankle or mild sprain. But, you can’t use the sleeves for severe injuries.
  • Hybrids – Hybrids have a strap, sleeve, and lace ups that work together for giving proper support. Most professional athletes like to wear them for any severe injury.
  • Lace-ups – Stiff material is used for the manufacturing of these braces and also they have a classic design to offer stability as well as functionality. Therefore, these are considered to be more rigid and recommended for hairline fractures.

The above-mentioned braces are some excellent products and are highly recommended by physiotherapists.

Selecting the right kind of foot ankle braces for you

Whether you are picking sleeves or opt for straps, you have to ensure that they work well for you. Hence, selecting a foot ankle brace is not an easy task. This is so because you have to check both pros and cons of foot ankle braces before you buy the best one.

  • Quality

The prime factor in choosing the right type for you is quality. When it comes to quality, the name of Brace Aid Medical comes at the top. We never compromised with the quality and our products ideally support your ankle.

  • Stability

The foot ankle brace you purchase must offer you perfect stability. Such type is ideal for supporting weak ankles.

  • Proper fit

When you are shopping with us, we make sure that the foot ankle brace you choose for us is the right size for you. If you choose a smaller size, then it reduces the blood circulation in your body. And if you go for a bigger size, it will not give the proper support.

  • Cost of foot ankle braces

This should be the last factor on your list because it matters a lot. Brace Aid Medical offers the braces that are available in your budget and serve the purpose.

How can you prevent your foot ankle injuries?

Despite the rehabilitation process, there are some points that you need to be careful about. This is helpful in preventing ankle injuries. Start taking the prevention measures now.

  • Always wear the right size of footwear

It is always recommended to wear the right size and quality of footwear that is not your ankles under stress. Avoid wearing hard soles or heels if you have an ankle injury.

  • Warm up

Before starting the exercises or any other heavy activity it is important to warm up or else your ankles will surely feel the pressure. If you don’t do so, then ankle injuries will surely occur.

  • Select best foot ankle brace

The physiotherapists recommend having a foot ankle brace when you suffer from an ankle injury.

  • Regular exercise

Doing muscle-strengthening exercises acts as the best strong support from your ankle joint. Doing calf muscles exercises similar to this is helpful in strengthening your ankle.

  • Check the surfaces

Most of us focus on wearing the right footwear but forget about the surfaces we are walking on. The uneven surfaces are responsible for ankle twists and injuries. Always check where you are walking so that you prevent future injuries.

Till now, you must be clear about how important it is to opt for quality foot ankle braces. We, Brace Aid Medical, have been serving our clients with a supreme range of foot ankle braces for so many years. You can contact us anytime you want and get what you are looking for.

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Bauerfeind MalleoLoc L3


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