TruMedic Massage Chair MC-2500

Colour: Black


Immerse yourself in a state of total relaxation with the MC-2500 Massage Chair. The built-in body scanner ensures that each massage is tailored to your body type, while the zero-gravity function removes all pressure from your spine that creates a feeling of weightlessness. With 24 airbags, an L-track rollers system and a built in foot massage, the MC-2500 delivers a full body massage that will leave you relaxed, relieved and revitalized.

A Next-Generation Experience

Sit back and relax in one of truMedic’s new line of luxurious massage chairs. The MC-2500 provides a relaxation experience of a lifetime, owing to its many exciting and easy-to-use features that melt away pain and stress.

Voice Activated Control

The MC-2500 debuts an incredible user-friendly voice control system, making it so that the user never has to get out of their chair, fumble around for a remote, or put on reading glasses to see menus in order to control the settings of the massage experience or adjust the intensity or location of the massage. It’s as simple as saying “Ok, Massage On’’ and your massage begins.

Control At Your Fingertips.

With 12 Massage programs, including Comfort, Relax, and Stretch, all users can find a program that accommodates their specific needs using an included remote controller or the built-in control panel on the armrest.

Bluetooth Connectivity, Mobile Friendly

Enjoy a personalized massage experience and listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, audiobooks, or meditation sounds using Bluetooth connectivity. Also Includes a built-in USB charger with a pocket to hold your mobile device.

Powerful Foot Massage

Work the kinks out of your sore feet and calves with truMedic’s most powerful built-in foot massager yet. Soft, yet powerful compression airbags secure your feet in place, enabling the sole rollers to deliver a deep-kneading shiatsu foot massage.

Ships In One Piece, No Assembly Required.

Relax with a deep-kneading shiatsu massage any time you need it. You’ll notice a positive impact immediately.

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