OS1st KS7+ Adjustable Performance Knee Sleeve (Value Pair!)

Size: S


Indications: Patella Tendonitis, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Runners Knee, Arthritis, Knee Pain & Swelling.

Comes with two compression knee sleeves per package.

The KS7+ offers the same great support as the KS7, but with an adjustable top strap, for an even better fit!

The KS7+ Adjustable Performance Knee Sleeve offers the best in medical grade knee support with a revolutionary approach to bracing. With seven zones of support using our proprietary Compression Zone Technology, the KS7+ relieves swollen arthritic knees, chronic knee pain, patellofemoral pain, patellar tendonitis, and other forms of knee pain. The KS7+ Adjustable Performance Knee Sleeve supports your knee and your active, pain-free lifestyle.

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