Cavus foot, also known as high foot arch, subtle cavus foot, or pes cavus, means that the arch of your foot is raised higher than normal. This can lead it a number of conditions, including foot pain. A person with pes cavus will have high arches, even when standing. Some people with cavus foot have a tendency to tilt their heels inward and place more weight on the ball of the feet and the heel. This can lead to bending and clenching of the toes and there may even be calluses in these areas. Some patients with high arches experience pain in the top and middle areas of their foot when standing or walking. A number of individuals with cavus foot have difficulty fitting into shoes. People with high arches may also frequently sprain their ankles due to the constant imbalance of the foot that causes the ankle to roll towards the outside.


- DonJoy Arch Rival Orthotic