The posterior tibial tendon begins at one of the smaller muscles of the calf, runs through the middle of the ankle, and connects to the bottom of the foot. This tendon helps maintain the arches and normal alignment of your foot, and provides support so you can walk normally. When this tendon gets damaged for any reason and the arch of the foot flattens, it results in Flat Foot.

Symptoms Include:

  • Pain along the inside of the foot and ankle
  • Swelling, redness and warmth may also occur in that area
  • As Flat Foot gets progressively worse and the arch continues to flatten, these symptoms will often move to the outside of the ankle and foot
  • The flattening of the arch also causes the ankle to roll inward
  • Symptoms usually get worse after engaging in physical activities, especially those that put lots of pressure on the feet like running and jumping
  • Some patients have difficulty standing for a long time or standing on their tip toes
  • In a few patients, flat foot may also contribute to low back pain


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