Brace Aid Medical Supply is the leading online retailer for orthopedic braces, medical supplies and other wellness products, carrying a wide selection of products from well-known trusted brands. We are located in North York, ON, where we carry our selection for same day pick up. We have built strong relationships with our suppliers and are able to provide our customers with affordable prices for all their medical supply needs. We ship Canada-wide. Check out our selection today!

The Kind of Orthopedic Braces We Deliver to Montreal

As a leader in orthopedic bracing, we are committed to provide only the highest quality and branded orthopedic braces to our customers. We have knee braces, back braces, shoulder braces, wrist braces, and much more! Simply visit our website to view our collections and choose from our fine selection of high-quality braces which we deliver to Montreal.

How to Buy Orthopedic Braces Online in Montreal

Brace Aid Medical Supply offers free braces delivery to Montreal on orders above $149. Just type in your postal code upon checkout and make sure you type in the correct phone number so that we can contact you to confirm and deliver the order directly to your doorstep.

When to Buy Braces Online in Montreal

If you are an athlete and/or are suffering from long-term physical pain, recently injured a joint, recovering from a strain or sprain, it is time to look for braces to provide support and help you to recover soon.

Consult with Kinesiologists, Chiropractors or Product Experts in Montreal

Brace Aid Medical Supply offers free consultations from our Products Experts, Kinesiologists and Chiropractors to help you choose the right brace product for your injury. Call today to book an appointment at 1-888-222-5938.

Buy Physiotherapy Items & Medical Equipment Online in Montreal, QB

We carry the highest quality of physiotherapy items, wellness products and medical equipment for our Montreal residents. It includes braces and supports for Elbow, Knee, Foot, Wrist, Ankle, Back, Shoulder and more. We also stock Walking Boots for fractures and massagers for the neck, back, feet, and other wellness products. We have everything you need! You name it, and we'll take care of everything!

Please call to book an appointment for a consultation or visit our website to view our wide selection and start healing today!