Jumper's knee, or patellar tendonitis, is a painful condition that is often caused by repetitive movements and is common in many athletes. Jumper's knee is one of the most common types of knee pain, and it can easily be treated.


Patients suffering from patellar tendonitis typically feel pain in the front of the knee below the kneecap, which is where the patellar tendon is located. Pressing on this area may cause additional discomfort. During activities such as jumping or running, you may feel sharp pain that persists even after working out. Some people also experience tightness of the knee and a "squeaking" sensation when moving. It is fairly easy to diagnose jumper's knee.

Many patients with patellar tendonitis need to wear a brace to support the patellar tendon. These braces for jumper's knee work by applying pressure to the tendon to help alleviate pain. Generally, patellar tendon braces come in the form of knee straps but there also many other types. 

As with any injury, your doctor will be the best source of advice on the appropriate treatment method for your situation. Regardless of which path of recovery is selected, time is necessary to heal from patellar tendonitis.