Injuries to the PCL typically occur when the tibia is hit by an outside force while the leg is bent. Some examples of ways this can happen is when falling on the shins, being tackled in football, or during a car accident when the shin strikes the dashboard. A hyperextended knee can also cause a torn PCL.

Like most ligament tears, a torn PCL is typically observed with swelling and pain. Usually the swelling is located in the back of the knee, and in some cases there may be bruising. Some patients may have difficulty walking, and in severe cases, the knee may feel unstable like it's "giving out". If you are concerned that you've injured your PCL we recommend you see a medical professional.

A PCL knee brace is often recommended, especially for athletes who have injured their PCL. These knee braces can help stabilize the joint and protect the PCL from further injury. They can also help prevent a PCL injury from occurring in the first place. As with any injury, your doctor will be the best source of advice on the appropriate treatment method for your situation.