Manumed Active Comfort Wrist Support

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Manumed active: Comfort wrist support for soft tissue compression with a stabilizing rod

Manumed active is a support with a compressive action that stabilises the wrist. Uniting compressive knitted fabric, a hand splint and an additional strap, the support provides stabilisation, relief and can reduce pain. The supple border prevents constriction. One of the benefits of the Manumed active comfort wrist support is its high elasticity in the thumb area– this optimised comfort zone enables it to mould itself to the body. Manumed active can be used for all indications in which support of the wrist by a strengthening or pad is necessary, such as: wrist injuries e.g. sprains, distorsions, osteoarthritis of the wrist, tenosynovitis (tendovaginitis) or for a sense of instability in the wrist.

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