OS1st FS3 Forefoot Compression Sleeve (Value Pair!)

Size: Small


FS3 Forefoot Compression Sleeves help alleviate bunion pain by easing the discomfort, pressure, and inflammation caused by bunions.

With a comfortable, thin design, the FS3 Forefoot Compression Sleeve will bring relief. FS3 sleeves are made with the softest, moisture-wicking material with a thin profile and hypoallergenic gel application to stay in place for long-lasting comfort. 

The FS3 features an ultra-soft split toe surround positioned precisely over the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, where your bunion originates, to provide relief at the right place and provide comfort at the site of your pain. These toe alignment and bunion protection sleeves can be worn for all day comfort. 

Fits discreetly under stockings and into your favorite pair of shoes. 

Our toe alignment and bunion protector sleeves are made of microfiber and spandex giving plenty of stretch and sizing for almost any foot. 


  • Improve toe alignment
  • Reduce friction pain
  • Toe and Nail Protection
  • Post surgery/Forefoot Swelling
  • Bunion Comforter
  • Anatomically Correct “Split-toe” design
  • Non-binding arch and silicone stabilizers

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