PUSH Sports Kicx Ankle Brace

Size: Small
Foot: Right


 A revolution in ankle bracing: Offers the best possible protection against ankle sprains during sports
 Provides protection for the previously injured ankle in soccer, basketball, volleyball and other activities. Also used for preventative purposes in sports
 Very low profile to wear in a shoe – even fits in a soccer cleat!
 With unique “Prophy-X” strapping system, stiffener is on the medial side of the ankle. Rigid straps on lateral side of ankle, cross over front and back, and attach to the stiffener, pulling on it during inversion. The stiffener then pulls against body mass of the leg to prevent inversion. Stiffener on medial side also protects during eversion.
 Absence of material over the forefoot means uninterrupted feel of the ball during soccer
 Comfortable, breathable, quick-dry material. Machine washable

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